A Deputation from Grand Lodge, comprising

   Bro Ewan Rutherford                                     Deputy Grand Master and Governor
   Bro Alan Dickson                                            Grand Secretary
   Bro William  King                                            Grand Marischal
   Rev Canon Bro John Carruthers Lindsay    Grand Chaplain
travelled to Paris on Wednesday 7 December to Erect and Consecrate a new Provincial Grand Lodge – the Provincial Grand Lodge of France.

On Wednesday evening the Deputy Grand Master and Governor, Bro Ewan Rutherford, accompanied by  Rev. Canon John Lindsay, Alan Dickson,  William King and Brotehr Rod Geeson (PGM of Cheshire) met with Most Worshipful Brother Jean-Pierre Rollett, the Grand Master of Grande Lodge Nationale Francaise (GLNF) , André Bassou, Provincial Grand Master Designate, Bernard Wakim, Provincial Secretary Designate, and Bruno Sablayrolles, Provincial Treasurer Designate, for a very enjoyable informal dinner.

On Thursday 8 Dec the Delegation from Grand Lodge Erected and Consecrated the Provincial Grand Lodge of France at the Maison des Maçons [Freemasons' Hall], 12-14 rue Christine-de-Pisan, Paris.

Grand Lodge was opened by Bro Ewan Rutherford, Deputy Grand Master and Governor,  and then promptly proceeded to Erect and Consecrate the new Province in France. He was assisted by the the following distinguished Knights of the Order:

Brother Louis de Bouvère                                     Acting Senior Grand Warden
Brother Roderick Joseph Geeson                         Acting Junior Grand Warden
Brother Alan Dickson                                             Grand Secretary
Brother Rev Canon John Carruthers Lindsay     Grand Chaplain
Brother William Raymond King                            Grand Marischal
Bro David Robert-Jones                                         Acting Grand Director of Music (Organist)
Brother Ralph John Robertson                             Acting Grand Guarder

The Grand Secretary, Bro Alan Dickson, read the Charter of the new Provincial Grand Lodge and the Grand Marischal Proclaimed it open. The Provincial Grand Master designate and appointed officers then paid homage to Grand Lodge.

Grand Lodge was then closed and Bro Ewan Rutherford, Deputy Grand Master and Governor, opened the Provincial Grand Lodge of France for the first time.  The Provincial Grand Master Elect,  Bro . André Bassou, was presented to Bro Ewan Rutherford, Deputy Grand Master and Governor, who proceeded to obligate and invest the new PGM.  Once installed the Provincial Grand Master appointed and invested his officers.  Provincial Grand Lodge was then closed and the Brethren retired for a light lunch.

After lunch Provincial Grand Lodge was again opened and the deputation from Grand Lodge was formally received.  The Provincial Grand Master, Bro . André Bassou, assisted by his Officers, then Advanced and Promoted several Brethren into the Order.

On the Friday the delegation had a day off and took the opportunity to explore the many sights of Paris.

Jean-Pierre Rollett, the Grand Master of the GLNF, honoured the Grand Lodge Deputation by inviting then to their Annual Communication on Saturday 10th.  After joining with members of the GLNF,  the Delegation were invited to sit in the East dressed in their Royal Order Regalia as guests of the Grand Master.

After the meeting the Delegation attended the  celebratory Banquet with around 800 in attendance, including representatives from United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland.  All thoroughly enjoyed the banquet, however unfortunately this meant that none of the Delegation could see any of the World Cup quarter-final between England and France. The delegation  were left in no doubt of the result however as the venue was  barely 200m from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and as they left at the conclusion of the dinner they could hear the cacophony of the locals celebrating. Rumours that a strange object in the soup of one of the delegation was the ball from Harry Kane’s missed penalty are completely scurrilous!

The Deputation returned to Edinburgh on Sunday morning.

Bro Ewan Rutherford, Deputy Grand Master and Governor, and the other members of the Delegation want to express their warm thanks and appreciation to Jean-Pierre Rollett (Grand Master GLNF) for his support of opening a Province in France and his attendance throughout the day. Many thanks also to Bro Bruno Sablayrolles for looking after the Delegation throughout their stay very well indeed.

Bro Ewan Rutherford, Deputy Grand Master and Governor with The Provincial Grand Master Bro . André Bassou
The view from the Hotel
The Eiffel Tower - not really on fire!
The Royal Order of Scotland is an unincorporated body with its headquarters at 23 St John Street, Edinburgh.
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